• Bremen
    Eike Wilkens

    Studies of Film and Media with the with emphasis on international media at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, U.K..
    Experience includes working as an assistant agent at a London based agency for film-professionals in which he was responsible for the development of the actors department.
    Dual education as audio-visual media manager in combination with working as an employee at Agentur Nielsen.
    Since 2006 associate at Agentur Nielsen Rama Wilkens GbR.
    Representing the international clients at the agency.

    Büro Bremen

    Saarbrückener Str. 19
    28211 Bremen
    Tel: 0049 (0)421 4919572
    Mob: 0049 (0)170 1671374

  • Wien
    Verena Nielsen

    Studies of Theatrical Studies at University Vienna.
    Assistant Director in various film-productons.
    Casting director since 1976
    Founding of Agentur Nielsen in 1991
    Head of Nielsen´s Austrian Link since 2006

    Austrian Link

    Turmburggasse 16 top 6
    A-1060 Wien
    Tel: 0043 (0)6504038271

    Büro Bremen

    Saarbrückener Str. 19
    28211 Bremen
    Tel: 0049 (0)178 4038271

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